Thermostat Upgrades are Saving KC Homes a Bundle on Cooling Costs

trane thermostat

Did you know that around fifty percent of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling? While that may seem like a lot, it makes sense—your home needs to be kept cool or warm, depending on the season, and unlike appliances like toasters, light fixtures, or televisions, your HVAC system stays on while you’re away from your home.

That said, your A/C (or heater) doesn’t need to run as much when your family is out and about. Here at Earl Bryant, we tell our clients looking for ways to reduce their bills from their Kansas City heating and cooling services that they should invest in a digital, programmable thermostat from Trane. Why? Read on!

2454TR_XL800_Digital ThermostatTrane’s digital, programmable thermostats allow homeowners like you to take control of your home’s environment when you’re there—and also when you’re not. Sure, most of us try to remember to turn down the heat or turn up the temperature in the house when we leave for the day, but for busy families it’s easy to let that slip from our the minds when we’re trying to get out the door on time. And while manually turning the thermostat up or down when you leave may save you on heating or cooling, it doesn’t let the house start to cool down or warm up before you get home, which is a nice luxury.

By calling Earl Bryant Enterprises to install a Trane brand programmable thermostat you’re choosing the best option to keep your house—and your wallet—comfortable all year long. When you install a digital thermostat, you can set various temperatures for any hour of the day or night and then forget about it until the season changes.

Yes, night! Of course we all know we should re-set our thermostats when we leave for work or for school, but it saves energy and money to change the thermostat when we go to bed, too. Outside temperatures fall when the sun goes down, so we need less air conditioning to keep us cool. (And, in winter, we need less heat because we’re snuggled under blankets!) But, once the sun rises (or we have to climb out from those toasty blankets) it’s nice to have the temperature back to something comfortable. A digital thermostat helps with that! And, of course, on an exceptionally hot day or cold night you can override your temperature setting at any time.

But how much can you save? It’s a fair question. If you follow the Energy Star guidelines from the EPA, and keep your house around 70 degrees when it’s warm out and 78 when it’s cold, a digital or “smart” thermostat can save homeowners up to $180 a year. Now, your experience may vary, depending on the size of your home, your current energy usage, the cost of utilities in your area, or climate differences. It can also make a big difference if you get your HVAC system serviced regularly. Kansas City air conditioning maintenance can save you a bundle by getting your system running at its most efficient, and Earl Bryant can help with that, too. Call us today, and we can talk about evaluating your current HVAC system, and getting a digital thermostat installed in your home!

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