Water Heaters

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Water Heaters

Don’t let your water heater prevent you from enjoying a hot shower or bath or getting your dishes cleaned properly. Earl Bryant Enterprises, based in Basehor, Kansas, offers water heater repair or replacement for those living in the Kansas City Metro Area. A technician from Earl Bryant can help you better understand how your water heater works, how to maintain it, what repairs it need, or if it needs to be replaced. If it is time to replace your water heater, a technician can also help you choose the best type for your lifestyle and family.

How Do Water Heaters Work?

Before we talk about the different kinds of water heaters, you should understand how water heaters work. To heat the water in your home, water heaters bring water from outside into your home. This water is usually either cool or cold. The water heater then uses a heating element that is powered by an energy or fuel source to make the water warm before it comes out the tap in your home. Your shower and bathtub, sinks, washing machine, and dishwater all use hot water, so it is important to have a working water heater in your home.

Types of Water Heaters

There are three main types of water heaters to choose from when looking for a replacement product. Each kind works differently and offers different benefits. If you have decided to replace your water heater, it is a good idea to speak with an expert on the different types of water heaters and which one would work best in your home.

Conventional Storage Water Heaters

When you think of a water heater, you probably have images of a conventional storage water heater in your head. A conventional storage water heater has a large reservoir that typically holds somewhere between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water that are released into your home when you turn the water tap to hot. Every time you turn the water to hot, cold water enters the bottom of the reservoir to replace the hot water that has been used. Once all the previously warmed water is replaced with cold water, the tap will release cold water. Conventional storage water heaters waste a lot of energy because the reservoir tank is constantly being heated even when you aren’t using hot water. While some models are heavily insulated to prevent heat loss, not all models are. To run a conventional storage water heater, a fuel source is needed. Fuel sources include propane, electricity, natural gas, and fuel oil. The fuel will power a heating element located at the bottom of the reservoir tank. That heating element will produce heat that rises and raises the temperature of the water to the appropriate temperature.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters use a heat pump to warm up water being supplied to your home. When you think of a heat pump, you probably think of warm air, but they can also heat up water by moving heat into it. Instead of generating heat, heat pumps move already warm air into the water, which makes them more energy efficient than conventional storage water heaters. If you want to use a heat pump water heater, you will need to have it installed in an area that doesn’t get too cold as they don’t work as efficiently when stored in cold rooms. Heat pump water heaters can be used alone or in conjunction with a traditional water heater.

Tankless Water Heaters

One of the newest options on the water heater market is the tankless variety. Tankless water heaters require less space in your home than a traditional conventional storage water heater, and they work much more efficiently, because they don’t waste as much energy in heat loss as conventional systems. To provide your home with hot water, tankless water heaters bring cold water into your home, run the water through a heating unit, and deliver the hot water directly to the part of your home that you have the tap turned on. Tankless systems supply constant hot water, and you won’t be left waiting for the hot water tank to reheat.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

In the event of a water heater breakdown, you need to be prepared to call out a repair company. Fortunately, there service companies like Earl Bryant that can quickly come out to fix your water heater without leaving you with only cold water for weeks. The experts at Earl Bryant even offer 24-hour emergency services. If your water heater is in need of an upgrade, an Earl Bryant technician is here to help. Whether you want to replace your water heater with a similar product or change to a new type, Earl Bryant’s technicians can help you select the perfect product for your home and lifestyle and install it for you promptly. To set up a consultation for water heater repair or replacement, call Earl Bryant Enterprises at 913-724-4100 and a technician is ready to help you.