What is a Preferred Maintenance Agreement?

Your agreement includes 2 maintenance visits per contract year – 1 for heating and 1 for cooling. Your equipment is kept clean, we take proactive actions to prevent breakdowns, and some packages even offer 10% off all parts. The below examples are just a few of the covered services with your preferred service agreement.


Why do I need a Preferred Maintenance Agreement?

Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down more frequently.  With our preferred maintenance agreement, you not only get our priority service at a discounted rate, but we will work hard to prevent untimely breakdowns from happening in the first place, saving you money and extending the life of your comfort systems.

(Cooling Season)

Cooling maintenance includes:

Checking filter

Changing filter

Lubricating blower and bearings

Checking condition of bolts

Setting dampers

Turning off humidifier

Closing damper

Cleaning condensate drain line

Inspection heat exchanger

Inspecting belts and tension

Checking pressure switch

Checking and cleaning flame sensor

Checking inlet and outlet gas pressure

Running a carbon monoxide test

Activating humidifier

Checking drain line

Checking defrost timer for the right operation on heat pumps

(Furnace Season)

Heating maintenance includes:

Check Defrost Timer for Proper Operation on Heat Pumps

Checking and changing filter

Checking and cleaning burners

Lubricating blower

Lubricating bearings

Cleaning pilot assembly

Checking thermostat

Inspecting flue pipes

Checking amp draw of blower motor

Calibrating thermostat

Cleaning condenser

Checking Freon pressure

Checking suction line temperature

Checking safety controls

Checking and cleaning contractors

Checking and cleaning relays

Checking start and run capacitors

Checking amp draw on compressor

Checking compressor fan and motor oil

Contact us to set up your preferred maintenance agreement today!