How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Conditioner Coils?

We know Shawnee area homeowners are struggling to keep their homes cool as the temperatures heat up. Most everyone has an air conditioner these days, which makes sense given how hot and humid our summers are. We’ve come to rely on air conditioners to keep us comfortable, which means we need to take care of them. That means calling your trained A/C service professional to come by and look at your unit when it’s acting funny—but preferably BEFORE that happens!


Yes, that’s right—before! Scheduling regular Shawnee air conditioning maintenance appointments for your air conditioning unit can not only nip potential problems in the bud, it can also help your unit run better day-to-day! For example, maintenance appointments include your Earl Bryant service technician coming out to clean your A/C’s outside condenser coil.


Every Six Months:

Cleaning your A/C’s condenser coil should be done every six months. Most people know they’re supposed to change their A/C or furnace filters every so often, but fewer realize that the outside condenser coil on your A/C unit is in need of regular cleaning. That coil is constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and anything else that blows around in your yard including leaves and grass clippings. That buildup can become so intense that it starts to look like a fur coat, and can impact your air conditioning unit’s ability to cool your home effectively.


Your air conditioner runs all day and night during the summer months. Without this sort of regular care and maintenance, you won’t get the optimal performance from your cooling system. A clean system is an efficient system—and that can mean lower electric bills through June, July, and August.

home air conditioner unit

Why are the condenser coils so crucial? Basically, your unit’s refrigerant takes the heat out of your home and turns it into gas. This gas passes over the coils, where they’re cooled and turn back into a liquid to be circulated through your home to cool it. But, as they’re processing the refrigerant, dirt, dust, and other particles can be absorbed by and build up on the coils. The more build up, the harder it is for your system to function. In fact, if the buildup gets too intense, the coils will be unable to convert the hot refrigerant back into a cool liquid. This can result in your A/C unit seeming like it’s running but without producing cool air—and in the end that can cause your compressor to overheat.


Remember, you’re not expected to perform maintenance, even of a basic sort, on your home’s air conditioner. Earl Bryant is here to help with any Shawnee air conditioning service you might need. We’ll clean your unit’s outside condenser coil as well as take care of anything else to help you keep your family nice and cool until fall!


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