An A/C Tune-Up in Leavenworth Should Include these Essential System Checks

As you know, the warm weather has already arrived in Leavenworth this summer, and boy, it’s been a hot season. All over the state air conditioners are running, trying desperately to keep Kansas residents cool in their homes and businesses. When it comes to having a comfortable summer, if there’s anything more crucial than a working air conditioner unit we … Read More

What Should I Do When the Air Conditioner Stops Working?

It’s summer in Kansas City, which means the heat index can easily spill into the triple digits. Even the best air conditioning units struggle to keep our homes and businesses cool when it’s this hot for this long, and that can lead to your A/C unit going out just when you need it most. Most of us don’t like to … Read More

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Conditioner Coils?

We know Shawnee area homeowners are struggling to keep their homes cool as the temperatures heat up. Most everyone has an air conditioner these days, which makes sense given how hot and humid our summers are. We’ve come to rely on air conditioners to keep us comfortable, which means we need to take care of them. That means calling your … Read More

Thermostat Upgrades are Saving KC Homes a Bundle on Cooling Costs

trane thermostat

Did you know that around fifty percent of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling? While that may seem like a lot, it makes sense—your home needs to be kept cool or warm, depending on the season, and unlike appliances like toasters, light fixtures, or televisions, your HVAC system stays on while you’re away from your home. That said, … Read More