What Should I Do When the Air Conditioner Stops Working?

It’s summer in Kansas City, which means the heat index can easily spill into the triple digits. Even the best air conditioning units struggle to keep our homes and businesses cool when it’s this hot for this long, and that can lead to your A/C unit going out just when you need it most. Most of us don’t likeAir Quality300 to even consider such a possibility, especially now, but take our word for it—it happens! We’re the experts. But the good news is, we’re also experts in emergency air conditioning repair in Kansas City, so you can always call Earl Bryant. Your A/C may conk out, but we won’t.

That said, summer is a busy season for air conditioning repair. Some emergency A/C repair techs may not be able to get to you as soon as you like (AKA: immediately!). If you have to wait a few hours, here are some good tips for keeping cool in Kansas City if your unit dies unexpectedly.

  • Get your fans going. Circulating the air in your home keeps rooms cooler.
  • Draw the curtains. Even if you have your windows open, keep the curtains closed—direct sun in your home will heat it up.
  • Keep cool drinks in the fridge, make sure your ice machine is on, and keep sipping on water.
  • Turn the lights off. Or turn them down, if you need a bit of light. Light bulbs heat up, and will add heat to your home.
  • Camp! If you have a finished basement, consider sleeping down there or on the first floor of your home. Heat rises!
  • Take a cool shower. Alternatively, run your wrists under cool water to cool your body down. It really works!
  • Eat cool meals. Salads, sandwiches… or just go out. Definitely don’t heat up your kitchen cooking a big meal if you don’t have to!
  • Get out of the house. If you can, use your A/C-free time wisely. Go see a big summer blockbuster, take your kids to catch Pokémon at the mall, or visit with a friend who has air conditioning. They’ll understand.
  • Go old school. You may have seen those YouTube videos for homemade swamp coolers where someone straps copper tubing to a fan, then uses a fish tank pump to circulate ice water through the pipe—and sure, for 30 bucks, you can do that! Or, you can just put a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan to create a cooling mist when you need it most!

The air conditioning going out when you need it most is no fun, and we know that. That’s why we encourage homeowners to keep up on their annual air conditioning unit maintenance—it really helps! But sometimes appliances just need a little TLC, and when your A/C unit needs some, call Earl Bryant Enterprises.

Since 1964, Earl Bryant Enterprises has been providing homes and businesses emergency air conditioning repair services in Kansas City. Call us today at (913) 724-4100 or click here to access our contact form.